Spay / Neuter

We regularly spay and neuter dogs and cats not only to help prevent over population, but also to aid in preventing future diseases  and cancers. 



Vaccinations are important for both indoor and outdoor pets. Many vaccinations require booster shots and need to be re-administered more frequently than you may think. But don't worry, Dr. Martin has you covered!



Figuring out what is wrong is sometimes the hardest part. Dr. Martin and the Fort Oglethorpe Pet Wellness Center use state of the art equipment to diagnose the issue and start solving the problem. Whether it's common allergies or far more complex issues, Dr. Martin and the Fort Oglethorpe Pet Wellness Center can help in the diagnosis and treatment of many issues.



The Fort Oglethorpe Pet Wellness Center utilizes multiple types of therapy to help your achy pet get back on their paws. Dr. Martin has seen incredible improvements in patients suffering from orthopedic pain by utilizing chiropractic medicine, laser therapy, and healthy supplements.


Whether you have a new puppy or kitten, or your furry best friend is getting older, it's important to get regular check-ups. Our pets age faster than we do, so regular check-ups can aid in disease prevention while also catching potential health risks at an early stage.



Dr. Martin is skilled a in wide range of surgeries, including the following

  • Spay and neuter

  • Dental and periodontal

  • Gastrointestinal and exploratory

  • Orthopedic and soft tissue


It's important to get your pet's teeth cleaned. Studies show a direct link between mouth and heart health. With a full dental suite, Dr. Martin is equipped to handle any dental issue. Whether it be a simple cleaning, filling cavity, or extracting a broken tooth, he can help to get your pet a happy and healthy smile!

Wellness Plans

  • All normal and routine vaccinations for adult pets, puppies, and kittens

  • Worm checks

  • No office fee

  • Toenail trimmings

  • Call for more details

Special Cases

As you can see in the radiographs, a patient had sustained a very serious break in the femur, resulting in recommended amputation by other veterinarians. Dr. Martin was able to avoid amputation by performing a delicate yet intricate corrective surgery in which the bone was pinned together and able to heal correctly.